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Wave Supply stocks State Water Heaters

Wave Supply has a variety of State Water Heaters for you to buy in Phoenix. State is a premium brand for water heaters. We carry electric water heaters, gas water heaters,  and tankless water heaters.

Top rated water heaters sold locally

Gas, electric and tankless

Wave Supply provides a all types of of residential and commercial water heaters and accessories. At Wave Supply, we carry water heaters in our Phoenix location that are ready to be bought and used for your next project immediately. Our convenience and deep knowledge allows us to help contractors and customers purchase and install during the same day.

State Water Heaters – Electric

6-Year Limited Tank / 6-Year Limited Parts Warranty

Tall Models #GallonDiameterHeightWeight
EN6 40 DORT402060 1/4118
EN6 50 DORT5020 1/260 1/2134
Short Models #GallonDiameterHeightWeight
EN6 40DORS4020 1/250109
EN6 50DORS502349 3/4161
Connect ModelsGallonDiameterHeightWeight
EN6 40DOLBS382431 3/4118
EN6 40 DOLS382633 1/2118
EN6 50 DOLBS4826 1/234172
Electric Compact Models #GallonDiameterHeightWeight
ES6 10 SOMS K101618 1/441
ES6 20 SOMS K191824 3/468

State Water Heaters-Natural Gas (40,000 BTU Input per Hour)

6-Year Limited Tank / 6-Year Limited Parts Warranty

Tall Models #GallonDiameterHeightWeight
GS6 40BCT402062138
GS6 50BRT502160 3/4148
GS6 50BCT502260 3/4165
Short Models #GallonDiameterHeightWeight
GS6 40 BCS402251 1/2134
GS6 50 BCS502453135

State Water Heaters-Tankless

Ultra-Low NOx Condensing High Efficiency. 15-Year Limited Heat Exchanger / 5-Year Limited Parts Warranty. Energy Star Qualified. Power Vent Design.

GTS-540-NIHIndoorBTU 15,000min/199,000max
GTS-540-NEHOutdoorBTU 15,000min/199,000max

EZ-FLO Eastman Water Heater Pans w/PVC drain fitting

Black Plastic: Only Use with Electric Water Heaters.

6007620”ID x 22”OD
6009122”ID x 24”OD
6008224”ID x 26”OD
6008326”ID x 28”OD

Aluminum: Use with Gas or Electric Water Heaters.

6008020”ID x 22”OD
6008622”ID x 24”OD
6007924”ID x 26”OD
6008926”ID x 28”OD

EZ-FLO Eastman Water Heater Pans w/PVC drain fitting


Part #OutletInletLength
0436918¾”FIP¾“F Sweat18"
0436924¾”FIP¾“F Sweat24"
0438118¾”FIP¾“F Sweat18"
0438124¾”FIP¾“F Sweat24

Eastman Water Heater Corrugated Stainless Steel Connectors.

Part #OutletInletLength

Replacement Washers for Water Heater Connectors, For ¾”FIP Only

Part ## of Washers
60228Bag of 4
60229NBag of 50

EZ-FLO Eastman, Dielectric

Part ## of Washers
60095Dielectric Nipple, ¾”IPS x 3” Teflon lined, Galv.
20503Dielectric Union, ¾“FIP x ¾“Solder
20515Dielectric Union, ¾“MIP x ¾“Solder

EZ-FLO Eastman Epoxy Coated Stainless Steel Gas Connectors.

½” OD [3/8” Nom. ID] 12”=102,000BTU, 48”= 61,000BTU.

Part #OutletInletLength

EZ-FLO Eastman Gas Connector Valves.These Gas Valves fit above connectors.

EZ-FLO Eastman Brass Lever Handle Straight Valve

Part #OutletInlet
60009½“FIP ½“FIP

EZ-FLO Eastman Brass Flare Angle

Part #OutletInlet
60034½“IPS½“OD Flare

Access Panel With Frame, White Plastic

Part #Frame SizeInlet
340218”x11”x ¾”6”x9”
3402217”x17”x ¾”6”x9”


Model #Description
50003Black Swan 2 oz. pipe joint compound, no lead, use on all water systems
50013EZ-Flo Teflon Tape 3.5 Mil. ½”x520”
45375Black Swan Stainless Plumbers Putty, 14 oz.
50001Black Swan Plumbers Grease 1 oz.
45063Pocket Dial Thermometer [-40 degree/160 degree F] 1” Dial Face, Stainless Steel Stem, Water Tight Plastic Dial Cover, Recalibration nut

Shoe Covers & Gloves

Shu-Bee Protective Shoe Covers # 83104, Fits to size18 boot, 50 pair to a box, Non-skid bottoms, Dark Blue Color

Part #TypeDescription
83104Shu-Bee Protective Shoe CoversFits to size18 boot,
50 pair to a box, Non-skid bottoms, Dark Blue Color
87000Nitrile Gloves, 3-4 Mil3-4 Mil, Box of 100, Large
87001Nitrile Gloves3-4 Mil, Box of 100, X-L
N/ABlack Mamba Latex Gloves8-Mil, PFX-130, Box of 100, X-L
N/ABlack Mamba Latex Gloves, 14-Mil,12”Length, PLB-130,Box of 50, X-L

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