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Wave Supply stocks Waste King

Wave Supply has a variety of Waste King disposers, top rated brand in garbage disposals. The Waste King Perfect for restaurants, commercial kitchens & labs.

Waste King EZ-Mount Garbage Disposal

Waste King Commercial Garbage Disposal

The Advantage Of Waste King

EXCLUSIVE STAINLESS STEEL SWIVEL IMPELLERS –  swivel and retract at potential jams, thereby reducing costly jams and motor overloads as well as eliminating the need for expensive reversing switches and de-jamming wrenches.

STAINLESS STEEL UNDERCUTTER BLADE –  located beneath the grind ring, cuts and snips stringy and fibrous waste into small particles to promote free flow through the drain line.

HUSH CUSHIONS® – isolate the unit from metal to metal contact, significantly reducing noise levels. Hush Cushions® with built in splash guard, are specially designed to withstand vibration and tension present in the grinding process.

VARIETY OF MOUNTING SYSTEMS AND ACCESSORIES – are available to assure the most efficient disposer system for your food waste management needs.

FULL ONE YEAR PARTS AND ONSITE WARRANTY –  One full year warranty from the date of purchase by end user, covering defects in material or workmanship. Parts and labor included.

ISE Insinkerator

Sound Seal Technology, Basic & Reliable Performance, Power Cord Included

Model #HorsepowerRPMLimited Warranty
Badger 11/317251 Year
Badger 51/217252 Year
Badger 5XP3/417253 Year

Mountain Plumbing Products

DC motor, 25% more Torque, Higher RPM produces more Grinding Power, Stainless Steel Grind System, High Speed Dynamic Balanced Grinding System, Factory Installed Power Cord.

3-Bolt Mount Model #HorsepowerRPMLimited Warranty
MT333-3CFWD3B1/325003 Year
MT444-3CFWD3B1/225003 Year
MT555-3CFWD3B5/825008 Year
MT666-3CFWD3B3/4250010 Year
MT888-3CFWD3B1 1/42500Lifetime


 [AMC] [2017 Moen Incorporated]

Fast & Easy ¼ Turn Mounting System, Stainless Steel, Anti Jam Swivel Impellers, 2 Year over the Counter Replacement Warranty, Factory Installed Power Cord.

Item Model #HorsepowerRPMLimited Warranty
191PC1/319002 Year
291PC1/226002 Year

Waste King

Legend Fast & EZ Mount

[AMC] [2017 Moen Incorporated]

Legend Series, Fast & Easy ¼ Turn Mounting System or 3-Bolt System, Vortex Powered, Permanent Magnet Motor, Less Jamming. Corrosion Proof Grinding Chamber, Removable Splash Guard on Fast & Easy Units, Factory Installed Power Cord.

Model #HorsepowerRPMLimited Warranty
L-1111/319002 Year In Home
L-10011/226002 Year In Home
L-26001/226005 Year In Home
L-32003/427008 Year In Home
L-33003/4270010 Year In Home
L-800012800Lifetime In Home

Legend Top Control/Batch Feed Fast & EZ Mount

Model #HorsepowerRPMLimited Warranty
L-5000TC3/4270010 Year In Home
L-8000TC1280010 Year In Home
Model #HorsepowerRPMLimited Warranty
99301/226005 Year In Home
99503/4270010 Year In Home
998012800Lifetime In Home
Model #HorsepowerRPMLimited Warranty
9900TC3/4270010 Year In Home
9980TC1280010 Year In Home

Waste King Commercial Disposals

Model #Horsepower
1000-1 Single-Phase1
1000-3 Three-Phase1
1500-1 Single-Phase1 ½
1500-3 Three-Phase1 ½
2000-1 Single-Phase2
200-3 Three-Phase2
3000-3 Three-Phase3
5000-3 Three-Phase5

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