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Name brand toilets

Wave Supply is the local industry leader for for local toilet supplies and we plan to stay that way!

Whether you want a new toilet or you just need a repair, Wave Supply has helped thousands of customers find the right toilet and repair parts.  through brands like Gerber and Fluid Master.  HIGH QUALITY. LOW COST. GREAT VALUE.

Gerber Maxwell

NameModel #
Round Front Toilet ComboModel # 21-902
Elongated Toilet ComboModel # 21-912
Elongated 17” ErgoHeight*ComboModel # 21-918

Gerber Maxwell*SE

NameModel #
Round Front Toilet ComboModel # SE-21-102
Elongated Toilet ComboModel # SE-21-112
Elongated 17” ErgoHeight*ComboModel # SE-21-118


NameModel #
Round Front Bowl Toilet ComboModel # PF1400RTHE
Elongated Bowl Toilet ComboModel # PF1401ETHE
Elongated Bowl 17” ADA ToiletModel # PF1403ATHE
Part #Description Seat & Cover Included
WWTS-R Round Closed Front,Hardware Included
WWTS-E Elongated Closed Front,Hardware Included

White Plastic Toilet Seats

Part #Description Seat & Cover Included
WPTS-R Round Closed FrontSeat, Cover & Hardware Included
WPTS-E Elongated Closed Front,Seat, Cover & Hardware Included
Part #Description Seat & Cover Included
091735Brevia Plastic Round, White
091745Brevia Plastic Elongated, White

Elongate White Plastic Toilet Seat, Commercial Grade

Part #Description Seat & Cover Included
65914Open Front Less cover, Heavy Weight & Duty, Corrosion proof nuts & bolts
Part #OutletInletLength
480877/8” B/C3/8” Comp.9"
480887/8” B/C 3/8” Comp.12"
480897/8” B/C3/8” Comp.16"
480907/8” B/C3/8” Comp.20"
Part #OutletChrome Plated Brass
10733LF3/8”OD x 1/2”FIP
10738LF3/8”OD x 5/8”OD(½”Nom.)
48652LF3/8”OD x 3/8”OD x 5/8”OD(1/2”Nom.)
Part #Description
40143wax ring only
40144wax ring with flange
40145jumbo flanged Wax bowl ring

Flush Valve

Part #Description
40053Non metallic valve with flapper & chain, locknut & washer included
40247Fluidmaster Pro 57 Flush Valve adjustable flapper, microban

Toilet Fill Valve

Part #Description
40203 10”Anti-SiphonAdj screw, refill tube & flange nut & washer, float rod
40202 EZ-FLOanti-siphon fill valve, adj. 8’-13”,Compare to Fluidmaster 400A
PRO 45 Fluidmaster Fill ValveHeight Adjustable 9”-14”
40237 Fluidmaster 400Aadj. 9”-14”, refill tube included
95001 Korky # 528,adj. 5¾”-11”, adjustable with no tools

Toilet Flappers

Part #Description
40073Economy Fits most brass or plastic valves, ss chain & hook
40097Korky # 54BP, Black Flapper
40098Korky # 2001BP, Pro Red Flapper, Chlorazone Material
40092Korky # 40092, 3”Flapper Premium Universal Red Rubber

Tank Levers

Part #Description
400588½” Plastic Arm, Handle & Nut, Univ. Fit
400628½” H-D Brass Arm, Chrome Handle, Metal Nut, Univ. Fit
400658½” Chrome Handle, Brass Plated Arm, Plastic Nut

Force Cup Plungers

Part #Description
402855½” Cup Plunger, 21” Handle
402815-7/8” Dual Cup Plunger, 21” Wood Handle
Part #Description
40231Black Plastic Tank Float Ball
40093Brass Float Rod 8” Length
40280Nylon Toilet Seat Bolts-Pair,2½”Long Plastic Bolts & Nuts
40027Closet Bolt Set, ¼”x2¼”pair, open end nuts & washers inc.
40029Closet Screw Set, ¼”x2¼”pair, open end nuts & washers
40031Closet Screw Set, ¼”x3½”pair, open end nuts & washers
40047Toilet Tank to Bowl Set, brass plated 5/16”x 3” Round Head Bolt , inc. nuts & washers
36251Tank to Bowl Gasket, 3-3/8”x3/4”, Beveled Sponge Rubber
36255Tank to Bowl Gasket, 3¼”x1¼”, Beveled Sponge Rubber

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